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Surely it’s dangerous?

All children attending ConstructaKids workshops are taught the safe use of hand tools. It’s a slow, very deliberate process. Respect for the tool is encouraged. Proper safety equipement is mandatory, gloves when using saws, eye protection at all times etc. At the beginning of every class the children are reminded of ‘The Rules’, which include always putting wood in a vice before sawing or drilling, always using 2 hands on a saw, cleaning up regularly and no running. Experience has shown that when children are taught properly and respect the tools they’re using woodwork can be very safe. And of course, every class will be overseen by 2 teachers so children will never be undertaking any activity unsurpervised. If you have concerns over this, please do contact us or pop along to a class to see us in action.

What tools do you use? 

What should my child wear to class?

What ages groups do you cover?

How long are the workshops?

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